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There was a Flood

Laura14 started this conversation

There was a flood,

and a man took his children and wife, and climbed on top their house. He told them, don't worry, God will save us. So they sat on their roof and a few hours, then a boat came by. The man urged them to get in, but the man said "No! we don't need your boat, God will save us!".

A few hours later, the water had risen almost to the roof, and another boat came by, and again the man refused it, saying "No! we don't need your boat! God will save us!

Finally, the water was at their feet, and a helicopter came down, and tried to rescue the family. Again the man said "No! God will save us! I have Faith!, go away!"

Soon after, the whole family died.

The man did go to heaven, at which time he asked God, "Why didn't you save us?" and God said

"You idiot! I sent you 2 boats and a helicopter!!"

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